In our Global IT Outsourcing Market Report 2021 and other industrial reports, we have seen severe impacts of COVID to the IT outsourcing industry globally. At first, the pandemic were well-controlled in big IT outsourcing countries such as India, China and Vietnam. However, as the vaccines programs activated in early 2021, as people get themselves to loose their hair too soon too quick, new waves of COVID-19 started to surge. India, especially India’s IT companies and their clients are now suffering.

How did this downturn happen that quick, can it affect India’s IT outsourcing deal in the future and how…

As its heavy use of manual processes and large amounts of data stored in different ways and in different places, the logistics industry is expected to be one of the most impacted sectors when it comes to technology advancement and digital transformation. Artificial intelligence, automation, big data, etc are all creating for Logistic businesses many opportunities and challenges, in order to meet the growing needs of customers for faster and cheaper shipping methods.

1, Artificial and Augmented Intelligence

Over the years, the Logistics industry has integrated technology solutions related to artificial intelligence to build smart transportation systems, route planning and users’ demand analysis, but it…

The shortage of software engineers, not only in the US but the whole world is no breaking news. For years, the IT Talent crisis with millions of unfilled tech jobs has saturated the industry news everywhere. Take a look at Gartner’s emerging risks in their Quarter 3 of 2018 report: They have estimated and warned about a talent shortage, defining this trend as one of the top 5 emerging risks organizations globally will have to face. The risk topped the list the following quarter and remained in the top 5 for four consecutive quarters. …

Everyone wants to do DevOps, but before diving into that, it’s best to start with knowledge about DevOps antipatterns. In the good old days, IT engineers just called them “bad ideas”. But as diplomacy and political correctness came along, the term “antipattern” is widely approved today.

We know that “pattern” is the right way to do, then inherently “antipattern” is the wrong one. So what truly is DevOps antipatterns, how can they affect your projects, and how to break them or avoid going wrong? CMC Global has compiled this list to give you an overview of this problem.

What are DevOps antipatterns?

DevOps antipatterns

Recurring problems…

In 2020, cloud computing is not a new trend anymore but an integral part of businesses and organizations. As more companies embrace cloud service, it is important that data should be accessed through secure channels, making it’s vital to take security matters into consideration.

This article of CMC Global brings you a list of the Top 9 APAC Cloud Service Companies to identify several organizations in the industry that provide qualified cloud solutions to help you boost your business processes.

Read about: Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Top 9 Cloud Service Companies in Asia

AXIOM IT Solution Pte Ltd.

Outsourcing does fail

According to Statista, 50% of outsourced projects all over the world either fail outright or fail to meet the client’s requirement. The reasons for why outsourcing fails are varied: 76% believe that the core issue lies in the management effort of the vendor and hidden costs, 30% admitted there were communication problems within the vendor. And what about the most important aspect: finance? Riley Panko, a Marketing Communications Manager wrote on The Clutch “Less than 50% of outsourcing projects meet the expected financial objectives. Other business processes besides software development also get the mutual same modest results”.

Have you ever downloaded a software and just can’t believe how bad it is? Have you ever struggled to accomplish one simple task on a system and get frustrated due to its poorness in all aspects? Chances are, the developers who built the system did not, in fact, eat their own dog food.

Dog food? Is that a typo or you really mean we have to eat the thing we feed our pets? Of course it’s not a typo, and not an ad for pet food either. “To eat your own dog food” is a regularly used phrase within tech…

It’s 2021, Gen Z is now entering the workforce, and if you or your HRs are thinking, oh right, I just apply all the insights and tactics that work on Millennials to recruit Gen Z developers, then you are terribly wrong.

Why? Unlike Baby Boomers, Gen X or Millennials, Gen Z were born and now live in a world that has changed so much in terms of environments, technology, politics and everything. This generation has many other names such as “Digital Natives”, “Gen Wii”, and “iGeneration” — these names partly tell how different their perspective and expectation about their dream…

With outsourcing for software development becoming the new normal for all industries, we all love to have a good read of outsourcing software development trends and find out what to expect for the near future.

Since we’ve entered the third quarter of 2020, CMC Global thinks that this is the perfect time to start predicting the IT outsourcing trends for the near future. If you are a business owner or decision-maker, who is considering outsourcing, then CMC Global’s outsourcing software development trends overview will guide you through the most important ones.

1. The Shift in Outsourcing Relations

Do you ever wonder about the top countries to outsource software development to, so you and your team can focus your search effectively?

As outsourcing is all the rage today, many CEOs, project managers or CIOs might be interested in outsourcing software development to a third country. With much lower salaries for high-quality software developers, this is how you get the work done with optimized results. However, the process towards such results is no piece of cakes: you need to consider so many things before making up your mind.

The most important element to be considered is, of course, your…

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